Construction Superviser / General Contractor

Help Wanted: Part-Time Construction Supervisor/General Contractor, offered solely as an independent contractor. Central Wisconsin Habitat for Humanity (CWHfH) builds new homes in Portage County in order to provide safe, simple, affordable housing to lower-income families. This position is being offered for the 2021 construction season (approximately March 1, 2021 to January 15, 2022.)

When: Most Saturday mornings each month and generally one half or a full weekday.

What is the job?:    Perform all duties of a General Residential Contractor including, but not limited to: prior to beginning construction visit the construction site to become familiar with the planned location of the house, avenues of approach and staging areas for materials;  apply for and obtain all required permits; review plans, specifications and construction sheets to determine how to build the house; assist management in choosing subcontractors; order and coordinate delivery of materials to construction site; ensure timely utility hookups; and lead small groups of volunteers in performing a wide variety of construction tasks, including laying joists to build floor decks, framing walls, building porches, installing doors and windows, trusses, siding, roofing, drywall, insulation , cabinets, and installing trim. There is heavy emphasis on ensuring that the tasks are performed in a safe manner. Each task must begin with instruction on how to perform the task. Careful monitoring of the workmanship is required. Most work is new construction, but a portion may involves assessing and fixing critical problems on older homes.

What makes this job so different?    Most people skilled in construction are used to being surrounded by other people who are also skilled in construction, who already know how to do each job.  While Habitat sometimes has skilled volunteers on site, most volunteers are unskilled. So, this job is different because it requires leading groups of these volunteers.


Must have strong background as a carpenter with hands-on skills in residential construction.

Possess all required Wisconsin Certifications including current Wisconsin Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification or secure said certifications prior to March 2018.

Must have own liability insurance

Must be able to work patiently and well with volunteers of all skill levels and be able to teach skills and ensure safety

Ability to read and interpret plans and prints.

Understands general housing construction skills and practices.

Knows and understands local building codes and regulations.

Has experience working with and being accountable for operational budgets.

Knows and enforces safety regulations and procedures (OSHA, HFHI, CWHfH, etc.).

Completes projects on time and within budget.

Has valid Wisconsin driver’s license and insurance and access to an insured vehicle.

Compensation shall be negotiated based upon experience and size of home.

Please provide references and a resume for consideration.

For further information please contact us.