Covid-19 Control Measures

While we thank all our volunteers for helping to build this year’s home, we have a perfect storm coming together.

Covid-19 is exploding in Wisconsin.

Other than tomorrow, November 14th, we are working inside.

The vast majority of the remaining work requires a fair amount of skill.

The result is, we are no longer soliciting or accepting volunteers other than the select crew of skilled people that have constituted our “hardcore” group. We will be reaching out to that group to advise them of this change.

Additionally it may be best to limit even that select crew to shifts of 3-4, perhaps 6 IF we can keep people in separate rooms.

Several of the volunteers and Central WI Habitat are getting quite concerned about Covid-19. If we can adequately mitigate volunteer exposure and risk level we move forward. If not, we will be stopping work.

Again, thank you to all the people that have gotten us this far.

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